Co-Owner & Esthetician

Jill loves connecting with people. She loves to not just make people look great, but feel great. Every client that enters the room with Jill finds themselves instantly comfortable, calm, and relaxed. Jill is your go-to esthetician for your youthful skin. She is happy to bring an environment that is warm and cozy while you receive expert skincare advice, suggested at-home care, and result-driven services in the spa.

Jill is also a waxing professional that knows how to get the job done fast! If you want your hair removed fast and painless, she is your girl. Jill has been highly recommended to clients for years as an expert waxer along with her skincare credentials. She has been working the North End for over 10 years. If you are like her other loyal clientele, once you see Jill once, you will never stop. Jill has an authentic way to connect to people. Whatever your skincare or waxing goals are, Jill can make it happen. You might just gain your new best friend out of the deal.

Our team describes her as warm-hearted, compassionate, trusted, protective, loyal, genuine, comforting, and honest. Jill loves to connect to every single client and loves her family!



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