Jenny is the warm mama bear of Bow & Arrow. She is humble and grounded with a little bit of spice. She stays educated with all of the advanced trends and techniques to continue to deliver excellence to every client that is in her chair.

Jenny has been a stylist for over 15 years, but still finds each day fresh and exciting. She loves what she does and you can tell! Not only is Jenny committed to her own professional growth, but you will feel inspired for personal growth talking with her as well. She loves connecting to every client in the chair and doesn’t take the trust between her and her clients for granted. She not only cares for you, but cares for the whole experience you are receiving.

Jenny loves to create natural tones. She has a thing for beautiful healthy hair. If you are lucky enough to land on Jenny’s book, you will feel warm, relaxed, confident, and well taken care of.

Our team describes her as warm, talented, wise, cheerful, humble, witty, compassionate, grounded, and trustworthy. Jenny is committed to her family and her career!


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