One of the most common things I hear new clients say at Bow & Arrow is, “wow I feel like I’ve learned so much about hair.” It opened my eyes to how much I can educate my clients to take care of their hair at home. When you think about it, you’re only in the salon with your stylist average about 3 hours (for color), so what happens in those 6, 8, even 12 weeks between until you come back? That’s where we come in to help you maintain your hair at home, and keep it in the best shape for when you come back in. 

After you leave the salon, the first 24-48 hours are so important. Don’t wash your hair!! All that beautiful toning we just did needs to cure and set in. After that of course you can wash, but what kind of products are you using? What is your water like at home? New wash and clarifying is something we always talk about in the salon. You will always leave knowing what you should be washing with. 

When I’m styling clients, I love giving good tips on how to handle your hair when it’s wet. One thing you might not know, your hair is the MOST FRAGILE when wet. It can stretch and stretch to the point of breaking. That’s why you should never pull it back or sleep with it wet. Use your hands and fingers to blow dry most of the water out, don’t rip at it with the round brush or paddle brush. This has made such a difference with so many of my clients! 

Treatments at home are always beneficial especially if your hair is damaged. Whether it’s a protein or moisture treatment, doing it at home if needed is something we will always chat about during your appointment! 

Styling is something I also love and I enjoy teaching my clients how to use the wand, get those lived in beachy waves, and do it without damaging your hair. What is your heat setting turned to? Are you using a heat protectant? These are crucial!! Most of the time your heat setting should not be turned up all the way. I curl my hair at 275 degrees and it lasts me all day! 

When you come into Bow & Arrow you’re investing in your hair, and we’re trained to educate you and give you all of our knowledge. We will never leave you in the dark and make sure you come back into the salon with even better hair than you first came in with. The trust you put in us means so much to us as stylists and we love giving you the best of the best. Hope this was helpful for you guys!