If you haven’t heard of New Wash by Hairstory, you are missing out. This all-in-one product can wash, condition and repair your hair. And, you can go longer between washes (yes, it is that amazing!).

New Wash is a non-lathering cleanser. For that reason alone, it is likely a complete departure from what you are used with detergent-based shampoos that lather. For this reason, we’ve found that there can be a bit of a learning curve when switching to New Wash. Many clients who are new to the New Wash way of life (yes, it is a lifestyle – you’ll see why!) will say, “it doesn’t feel like it does when YOU wash my hair.” They often feel that their hair feels heavy or not clean. I’m here to help.

If your hair doesn’t feel like it does when you leave Bow & Arrow (we use New Wash during every wash), you are either not using enough product and working it in your scalp, or you are not rinsing it out thoroughly enough. You’ve heard that expression “less is more,” right? Well, that doesn’t apply here. Hairstory will even tell you that you can never use too much, but if you aren’t using enough, it won’t clean your scalp and hair. I tell my clients to start with about a quarter size amount of New Wash. And then add more. Yes, more! Those four tiny pumps you are using are not going to cut it.

Once you have enough New Wash in your hands, here are key tips for using it right:

START WITH YOUR SCALP: Spread New Wash on your hands and focus on applying it to your scalp (forget about the ends). Tap the product along your hairline first.

WORK THE PART: Next, split your hair down the middle (as if you were creating pigtails) smearing New Wash to the back of your scalp along the part. I will usually split those pig tail sections in half again, dispensing more product into my hands if I need to, and apply it along those parts too.

MASSAGE IT IN: Next, massage your scalp with your fingertips. Really get in there, working the product around to loosen up any oil and buildup. Because there is no detergent in this cleanser to do the work for you, your fingertips have to. (BONUS: you’re stimulating your hair follicles too!) This shouldn’t feel like hard work, but some effort is required.

If you have a ton of hair (you know who you are), or if your hair is particularly dirty or has a lot of product from the night before, you may want to try washing twice with New Wash. The first go around will loosen up any excess oil or buildup and the second will rinse it away. For my own hair, I always wash twice – I have mega hair and like to go as long as possible between washes, which is a key benefit of New Wash!

Still with me? Once all that product has been massaged into your scalp, let New Wash sit a minute and continue with your shower routine. Before your shower ends, rinse the product out thoroughly. Use your fingertips like a squeegee, encouraging the product to be rinsed away with the water.

And that’s it – no need to condition. New Wash has you covered there!

So, if you’ve tried New Wash and have had any issues, I encourage you to follow these steps and I promise your hair will feel the same as when I do it. And you will be in love with New Wash too!