Fall is the perfect time to change up your hair color!! For most of us, the summer sun and fun does a number on our hair. Lightened hair can get even brighter, and the depth becomes non-existent. Also, the sun, salt and chlorine have left our ends in need of some major love.

Year after year the color trends for fall are almost always warmer tones. Think buttery blondes, earth toned brunettes and fiery gold and copper tones on everyone! I think we gravitate towards the warmer tones because we are trying to make up for the loss of warmth from the sun. No more sun kissed faces, pink cheeks and freckles noses. We are craving that warmth!!! Adding it back into our hair instantly compliments any skin tone and enhances the color of our eyes. Warm, rich tones also reflect light better than ash tones and therefore deliver an incredible shine factor!

One of the ways we add depth and warmth back into overly lightened hair is through a process called reverse balayage. Instead of painting hair to create lightness, we concentrate on adding depth and dimension back in by painting with a demi permanent hair color. And finishing with warm tones glosses. We customize hair color for every single client!

For brunettes, adding in warmth could be as simple as creating a custom gloss to add warm or fiery tones to existing lighter pieces.

We do everything we can in the salon to make sure the health and integrity of your hair is our number one priority. You also need to do your part with the proper hair care at home!! It is SO IMPORTANT to keeping your color consistent! Also, because it takes about 24 hours after a color service for your cuticle to completely close. No wetting or washing your hair, or using hair products with alcohol or high pH for 24hrs after color!

Whatever you’re craving this fall... we’ve got you covered here at Bow & Arrow!!