You're thrilled with the results of your balayage appointment, but aren't sure the best ways to maintain the color after leaving the salon. Whether you’re blonde, brunette or vivid, it’s important to schedule appointments for maintenance and keep up with at-home haircare to ensure long-lasting color.

I'm here to help you determine the right timing between appointments, which can range based on how blonde or brunette you are. (For clarification: your balayage appointment is when you bring up the lightness in your hair. This is your longer appointment, where your hair is being painted. A gloss appointment is simply to refresh the tone of your color, meaning those warmer golden or cooler ashy tones).

BLONDE BALAYAGE: Us blondes are the more high maintenance ones, especially if we prefer to keep things cool and ashy. If this is your goal, you should plan to come in every 8 to 10 weeks to touch up your balayage. If you don't like seeing gold and are one of the "ash addicts" (you know who you are!), you can maintain the tone only by coming in after 4 weeks for that ashy refresh. Warmer blondes can go a little longer for the gloss from every 4-6 weeks. 

BRUNETTE BALAYAGE: Brunettes have a longer window between appointments. Because you have more of a balance with darkness in your hair, you can get away with a longer grow out. We usually suggest brunettes come in every 10-12 weeks - possibly longer (that's the beauty of balayage). You’re glosses can be scheduled 6-8 weeks after your initial balayage appointment.

VIVID BALAYAGE: Thinking of going vivid? Here's what you need to know: The lighter the vivid color, the faster it fades. The bolder the color, the longer it stays. So, if you want a pastel tone, you could possibly see it fade out in 3-6 washes. This is when we recommend an at-home pastel color conditioner. 

No matter your hair color, if you are working toward a specific goal, we'll map out a plan during your initial consult, though we typically recommend coming in  every 6-8 weeks to get closer to that #hairgoals pic you love. We'll make sure your hair is healthy and ready for us to color again before doing anything.

While we are confident in our balayage creations, once you leave the salon, at-home care becomes critical to maintain the look. We'll always walk through our suggested course of action at the end of your appointment, book your maintenance and send you off with the right products that will not only keep your color on-point, but healthy too!

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