Summer is right around the corner. This means that beach days and pool parties are in your very near future. If you’re like me, it looks like lifeguarding your own children while they beg you to go under and get your hair wet! I will not! Do you have the memory of trying to get your mom/aunt/sister to get their hair wet? My mom would never ever get her hair wet.  I didn’t understand it as a child.  But now, I totally get it.  I have turned into my mother.  Ruin my blowout OR hair color? No Way!  Ok, I do go under. (it’s way more fun) But, you better believe I take care of my summer hair.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you invest either time and or money into your hair.  And both of us want your hair to remain on point all summer long.  Summer is the perfect time to change up your hair routine! Lets talk about a few easy ways to change it up and take care of your hair this summer.

First things first, the products you are using are key. Summer sun, sweat, salt and chlorine wreak havoc on our locks. Set yourself up for success by arming yourself with products that are pH balanced and won’t strip your hair of the natural oils your hair needs. Hairstory’s New Wash in Original, Deep or Rich are great choices. New Wash enhances your natural texture and helps with frizz. Yep, helps with frizz! Can you say game changer?

Next up, be proactive. If you know you will be going under the water (gasp), do your hair a favor and wet your hair first and also apply a leave in conditioner or Olaplex before you get in. I just love the smell of Oi milk by Davines.  It is loaded with moisture and will do your hair good! Another protective choice is DEDE.  A leave in conditioner, also from Davines, that will protect your hair with it’s protein base. Your hair will soak these up first and absorb less chlorine or salt water! But, if you do go under, be sure to rinse your hair when you get out.

Maintenance is also key when thinking of summer hair. If you aren’t clarifying regularly already, you’re missing out.  Buildup of minerals, chlorine, products, medications and natural oils can do a number on our hair.  Removing this buildup is important for the health of your hair and longevity of your hair color. We love using  Davines SOLU clarifying shampoo (weekly or bi-weekly) to do the trick. And, of course, it is pH balanced. 

Lastly, ditch the dryer. Air dry whenever possible. Switch up your style! Utilize this time to throw some braids in your hair. Or play around with a top knot. Work with your natural texture and just go with it. Summertime is usually a much more casual and relaxed atmosphere, so use that to your advantage and stop fighting it. No sense in spending time blow-drying and flat ironing your hair, all to have it damaged and frizzy 10 mins later.  I can’t say enough here about Hairstory’s NEW WASH.  I have a ton of thick, somewhat course, wavy hair.  Normally, when I would let my hair air dry, my hair would look like a lion’s mane. (I wish I was kidding) Big, crazy, frizzy hair that I would not be caught dead with in public.  But after committing to NEW WASH, I can honestly say that I would let my hair air dry last summer, and feel totally ok about going out with my air dried style + a cute braid. Frizz fighter to the rescue!

Whatever plans you have this summer, be sure to think about these simple steps you can take for your hair! Prepare. Be proactive. Maintain. Switch up your style!

Happy Summer!