I love new hair trends that come along with each new season! Changing the tone of your balayage is always a fun way to switch up your look for these summer months that are coming up. This is done at the custom gloss portion of your service, usually at the sink during your color appointment, and after your balayage highlights have processed. All balayage appointments include a gloss at Bow & Arrow. The best part is the gloss that we use is a temporary overlay of tone that gradually fades off the hair. 

What is a gloss? The glosses we use at our salon are a demi-permanent acidic hair color that processes anywhere from 1-20 minutes depending on tone desired. They are a great way to add shine and a temporary tone to the hair. We can customize this color in just about anyway you choose, depending on lightness of the hair. If you already have a beautiful base with highlights or balayage you can also book a "gloss" as an appointment to keep up or change a tone in between your balayage appointments. It's a fun way to refresh your look every 4-6 weeks. Here are some examples of my favorite glosses right now for summer!

GOLDS: I love that warmth is being embraced. Golden, bright blondes are some of my favorite to create and obviously stand out so much more in the sun! If you are blonde, this tone will actually make you feel brighter.

CHAMPAGNE: I am also a fan of champagne tones because it looks so shimmery and iridescent. It’s such a beautiful tone on the right skin tone. Is this right for you? Think of the color champagne for clothing, if you like the way this tone looks on you in a shirt or dress, you will probably love this color as a gloss! 

ROSE GOLD: I love love LOVE our rose gold glosses. They are non committal, fade out after a few washes, and are so fun to play around with. It can be done as a darker rose gold to even the most sheer rose tone depending on the intensity you’re looking for. Not all rose golds are created equal, we can customize anything! This can be warm rose gold with a peach hue, or a cool rose gold with more of a pink tone.

These are some of my favorite warm weather trends I’ve seen so far this spring and they will transition into summer as well. Whose up for a change?! No need to commit. Let's do a gloss!