Whenever summer comes, I find myself out and about more in the city and that means I need to grab something quick and healthy to eat when I'm out. This is never easy when you live and work in Boston’s "Little Italy". When I don’t make my smoothies at home, I like to go to places that use all clean ingredients. Smoothies and bowls are my fave and Boston is filled with the best juice/smoothie bars, so I figured I’d share my favorites! 

My number one favorite is Jugo’s in Back Bay. Their menu is HUGE and they have the most amazing combinations of bowls and smoothies, leaving you clueless on what to choose. If I’m craving something sweet and ice cream like, I always go for their Sao Paolo. It’s rich and filling and tastes like a treat. Even though they’re a little farther from the North End, it’s always worth the trek. It also helps that all the workers are so friendly and happy! 

Second go to, Mother Juice. They have multiple locations and recently expanded their space in the Boston Public Market, which is super close to me. They have endless breakfast options, including different toasts and bowls. Their overnight oats is the BEST! So so filling and keeps me going through the day when I don’t have time to eat at home. Their Unicorn blood juice is also a fave. Anything with beets I’m a sucker for!

Last, if you ever find yourself in Provincetown, I recently discovered this amazing gem called Mama Matcha green bar. Same idea of healthy food options, smoothies, juices, for every single meal. The owners were the nicest people and said they wanted to create an option for healthy eating in a place surrounded by lots of fried unhealthy foods. I ordered the green queen bowl and felt fueled and satisfied after. Love this place so much! 

These places are the reasons I love Boston. It’s an active city with tons of options for healthy living.