In the crazy world of social media, it is getting harder to know if what we are looking at is real. And believe it or not, this holds true for hair photos! Picture it - you have an upcoming hair appointment, so you scroll through Instagram to find #hairgoal photos to show your stylist. But, is the photo you're looking at real or has it been Photoshopped? Do you care? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I’m not here to tell you that you should care. But it's important to know that these unrealistic photos can skew your expectations for your upcoming appointment. 

Unfortunately, I have come across photos on Instagram that aren’t a true representation of the actual color. A filter has been added or the color has been balanced to either enhance or correct the tones of the hair color. For instance, take an original photo of a dark brunette with rich, warm highlights. The photo will be adjusted to make the tone of the color ashy or neutral. The same can be found with blondes -- images are corrected to make the blonde appear to be brighter and whiter in color, when in reality it is a beautiful golden blonde.  

So, why does this matter? Sometimes achieving an ashy brunette or an icy blonde is not an attainable or realistic goal for your hair type (which is why it had to be Photoshopped in the first place). But, when we see someone on Instagram with that color…we believe it. And we want it! 

This is why having an in-depth consultation is so important. At Bow & Arrow, we take our consultations very seriously. We conduct an email consultation with every new client requesting an appointment. We ask for a brief hair history, photos of your current hair in natural lighting, and lastly your inspiration or goal photos. I always encourage clients to show me as many pictures as they can while in my chair. During that time we can talk about your goal photo(s), and what it will take to get you there. I want to see what you like and what you don’t like. This really helps me get a feel for what your eye is being drawn to. Together, we can look through the photos and talk about whether the color is attainable. We can discuss the tones you are liking, or where you want the length to fall. You can show me that you love the subtle hints of color. And that you absolutely don’t like it “brassy” (for the record, I have yet to have a client come in and say, "Give me all the brass!").

Pictures can sometimes be deceiving and for that very reason alone, they are a very important part of the consultation. More often than not, it will take more than one appointment to get to your goal. But all of that will be discussed and realistic goals set, keeping the integrity of your hair my number one priority!