Have you been searching for the perfect dry shampoo or texturizer? Well, look no further!

Hairstory has just come out with POWDER! Their answer to all of our dry shampoo needs. Everything about this product is perfection! From the packaging, to the way the product PUFFS out and of course the magic of the translucent powder. 

Hairstory uses microfine granules of vegetable and mineral matter that are invisible to the eye. POWDER absorbs oil, extending the time between cleansing your hair with NEW WASH, you are using NEW WASH, aren’t you?! 😉 If not, you can search the blog for our past posts about why we love it so much, all the benefits of using it and also tips and tricks for falling in love) 

POWDER also instantly gives your hair a boost!! It adds that perfect body and fullness to your blowout or beachy waves! Want to fatten up your braid? Or give your top knot more oomph? Yup, POWDER is great for that too! Not to mention it smells amazing! Bow & Arrow is stocked up. Come in and see for yourself why we love it.