Keeping Your Color on Lockdown - the importance of using pH balancing products

Recently the other stylists and I attended a color certification course at Coastline Enterprise called ‘Color Freaks and Geeks.'  As color specialists, it was a great opportunity to learn the importance of not only using color protecting products, but also pH balancing products as part of your haircare regimen.

If you are a Bow & Arrow client, you probably noticed that we have already changed our ways when it comes to using all pH balancing products, especially post-color. Healthy hair sits at a pH between 4.5-5.5 on a scale from 1-14 (with 1 being the most acidic, 14 being the most alkaline and 7 being neutral). Using a product as close to your hair's pH will keep your hair healthier because the surface layer is kept closed, which keeps your color lasting longer.

This is one of the major reasons we love using New Wash by Hairstory so much. Unlike most detergent shampoos that usually have a higher pH than your hair, New Wash remains at a more acidic pH. What's this mean for you? It means you can skip the conditioner, which is typically used to bring the pH back down to a healthy level. Some detergents are also harsh enough to remove anything essential from your scalp, leaving it to overcompensate and produce more oil in the long run.

The number one color killer is...
Aerosol sprays! Mousse, hairspray, texture spray and yes, even your trusty dry shampoo. The more you use these products with their high alcohol base, the faster your color will fade. This is especially true for brunettes, redheads and vivid shades (blondes may feel their glosses fade faster with the use of aerosol). We always recommend avoiding washing your hair during the first 48 hours of getting it colored, and refrain from using any aerosol product until your color has a chance to cure.

If you feel your hair gets dull, has a lot of product buildup, or your shampoo is just not working the same is it once did, it may be helpful to add a pH balanced clarifying shampoo into your routine once every couple of weeks. We love Solu by davines. Using a clarifying shampoo like Solu will remove any residue and allow your normal shampoo to work better.

Another helpful trick to getting to most out of high fading colors is to rinse with cool water. This helps to seal the cuticle layer of your hair. Any heat styling or hot water will open the cuticle and allow for color to fade faster.

Curious about the right products to use for your hair, as well as other useful tips and tricks for making your color last longer? Book an appointment with one of our stylists and we will walk you through the right products and techniques to use on your own hair.

See you soon!