Since I can remember, I always watched my mother garden. I always admired her desire to watch other living things bloom, but didn’t fully appreciate her green thumb until I became an adult. Keeping plants alive wasn’t always my specialty, specifically succulents (which are supposed to be very easy). I have to say it’s been a learning process, and I am definitely in no way an expert on plants, just learning as I go.

Moving into our new home last year, I had the sudden urge to fill the whole place with color, life and greenery. Having an outdoor space to garden for the first time has been an ongoing learning process however, as I had been mostly trying to keep potted plants alive. 

When I came to Bow & Arrow I was so excited to help take care of all the plant babies we have, and I somehow became the ‘plant whisperer’. Kellyn says it’s because I started talking to the plants on the side of the salon my chair is on that they started thriving. I do actually find both humor and truth in this!

Some of the easiest plants to take care of that I have found are ones that like partial sunlight and watering once a week. That way I can set aside a day to water them all at once, and no one gets left behind. It’s become sort of a ritual. Some of the plants I have the best success with are pothos and spider plants. I also have found orchids are easy and will come back annually when you least expect it. Last year, I tucked a dead lily away under a cabinet thinking I would use the pot for something else as a home, and learned a few months later it was starting to sprout new growth. Never underestimate the power of nature!

I have also eventually got the hang of succulents. They were tricky at first because I watered them too often and saw them doing well, but then they would die all of the sudden from the over watering. I have found is that using proper succulent soil and succulent plant food tends to help the most. I also will only water once or twice a week at MOST. Once I see they are looking a little dry, I actually will let them dry a bit more before watering. Within the next couple of days they spring back to life and look amazing again.

I also have had great luck this summer with a potted Meyer lemon tree and a majesty palm. The lemon tree got so much stronger since moving outdoors and letting it be pollinated by bees once budding. The palm has also doubled in size and got a lot stronger since having outside as well. Both plants I actually never water and love sun, so I keep them in sunnier spots in our back yard. Whenever it rains I let that be the water they get, as they tend to thrive in dryer climates anyway.

Here are some of my favorite plants at home and around the salon.

Hopefully there were some helpful tips in here for you! If you have any other advice for a newer plant mom I’d also love to hear from you!! Happy planting.