Fall marks the start of peel season in the esthetic world! As we transition into cooler weather it’s the ideal time to create serious change in the skin. Fall and winter are the best seasons to get a peel as we tend to spend more time indoors which translates into lower levels of uv exposure as the skin is healing. 

At Bow & Arrow we have so many choices of enzymes and peels! Enzymes are a more gentle way to dissolve dead skin cells and create glow, and a peel will produce more dramatic results. One of the most popular treatments this time of year is the Jessa Skincare pumpkin enzyme with a 30% glycolic/lactic acid blend. Pumpkin alone contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients. When mixed with glycolic it will transform dull, lifeless skin into more youthful skin. 

Dermalogica has just released a series of new peels to address a variety of skin issues from acne to pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles. Salicylic acid, glycolic, and TCA are a few of the the star ingredients in these new treatments. 

If you’re not sure which peel is best for you, start by booking a lactic acid peel. You’re skin will be analyzed the day of your appointment to determine if that’s an appropriate treatment or if you’re skin could use something different!

After a peel with me, there is little to no down time. You can expect some slight flaking or peeling for a day or two as your results develop. There is no better way to prevent and reverse the signs of aging and acne!