We all know what it’s like to wake up after a rough nights sleep or a late night out to tired, puffy eyes. As we get older, eyes can look that way even after the best nights rest!
Here are some ways you can bring brightness and life back to your tired eyes.

Cucumber slices! Cold, freshly cut cucumber slices work as an amazing cooling agent for those annoying under eye bags. Place over the eyes end sit back and relax to erase any signs of a late night!

A personal favorite of mine is frozen spoons. Anything cold will brighten and tighten the eyes and spoons happen to be the perfect fit. To try this out at home, freeze a couple of spoons over night and then apply over the eyes in the morning. Leave on eyes until spoons are not cold anymore.

Stress-positive eye lift by Dermalogica. An all-over eye cream with a cooling tip applicator will brighten under your eyes, hydrate (to minimize fine lines), and de-puff like no other product!

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