Finding the right tone of hair color is important. The right tone of your highlights may be based on your natural hair color, your lifestyle, and your ideal mainteance schedule. Blonde maintenance, especially this time of year, varies based on what tone you are seeking. When it comes to summer,  going brighter may be on your mind. It’s important to know that the lighter you go, the quicker you will see your natural grow back in. It will be more of a contrast, meaning you’ll want to come in sooner for your appointments.

When it comes to going lighter, warm tones are lower maintenance. Golden and honey tones are my personal favorite. Balayage is meant to look like you were naturally sun-kissed (like when you were a child) and mimic those golden pieces the sun gives you. Maintenance for this looks something like every 10 to 12 weeks. A lot of balayage clients come in seasonally for their appointments. Because all hair gets warm as you lighten it, it’s easier to maintain golden tones and enhance those gorgeous colors. It’s healthier for your hair, and easy to build off of as well, which is why I love these tones! Healthy hair is always beautiful and is our number one goal as colorists. Here is an  example of a golden blonde:

High maintenance blondes are ashy and cool toned. Because those cooler tones are deposited into the hair AFTER the lightening service, the reality is, it will fade off. You will have to come in for glosses between your lightening sessions if you wish to maintain that cool tone. As long as you are invested in your appointments and okay with coming in the salon every 6-8 weeks for your lightening appointment we can keep your cool blonde fresh. The most important piece to the cool tone maintenance is a gloss refresh every 3-4 weeks with the right at-home haircare.  

Ashy blondes are beautiful, and we want to keep it that way. So proper at-home care is so important. Treatments, olaplex, new wash, they are all a MUST! We want to give you your goal hair, but it’s important to understand the reality of being very blonde. More appointments along with proper care and product. We want you to understand it’s an investment, and it will take multiple appointments to get to that bright light blonde. Here is a picture of my client who is cooler after almost 4 sessions, and she was already blonde to begin with:

Keep these in mind when booking your appointment and think about what’s realistic for you! Happy Summer!