What is balance? Balance, to me, means different things on different days. It means letting go. It means not spreading yourself too thin. It means saying YES to some things and making a conscious effort to say NO to others. This, is easier said than done. I am a stylist here at Bow & Arrow. But I am also a wife and a mother to three beautiful children.  Life is full. Life is busy. And most days, I feel, that my life is not my own. I consider most days a success if I’ve met the basic needs of my kids, and have kept them alive. 😉

I am constantly juggling. Wearing different hats. And making many decisions that put them before work, and certainly before myself. As a mom, I struggle to take time for myself. I can always find at least 10 other things that I ‘should be’ doing instead. But, I am slowly learning that taking time for ME is important!! It is necessary! It makes me a better mom!
This may sound crazy, but I actually consider coming to work… coming to Bow & Arrow as ‘me time’. YUP, ‘work’, is sometimes my me time. It is where I feel most like myself, my pre-mom ME. I love my job. I love my clients. I love the city, the lights, and the energy I feel when I am here. And of course, I love my Bow & Arrow tribe!!

The balancing act that I am always struggling with as a stylist, is to not stretch myself too thin. I have very hard time saying no to anyone. I am a people pleaser. I want to help. I want to make everyone happy. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to accommodate every client into my already limited (because…balance, right ?), schedule. But… that wouldn’t be fair to my clients… jamming everyone in. There is no way I could devote the time and attention that each of my clients deserves. So I make the very conscious decision to slow down, take fewer clients but spend more time with each one. And I am so lucky to be supported here at Bow & Arrow to be able to do that.!! Will I continue to struggle to find that balance? Probably. But, I am human after all!

Raise your hand if you are searching to find your balance !!! Here’s to hoping we find it!!