As of lately my beauty routine has been minimalized in an effort to be more low maintenance. Especially in the summer when less is more. Let’s be real, when it’s hot and humid ain’t no one got time for that. I have for the most part stopped blowdrying my hair and am trying to embrace my natural texture, which apparently is slightly wavy after thinking it was straight forever. Especially when it’s humid, it’s better not to fight it in your hair. What has been a saving grace is finding easy ways to air dry, while still looking put together. 

A favorite product cocktail for airdrying is Hairstory’s hair balm cream and undressed texture spray. The Hair Balm is great in most hair textures and has very minimal hold, but allows to enhance a wave and keep it moisturized while reducing frizz. A pump or two at most goes such a long way, and is great to scrunch in damp hair. The Undressed texture spray is perfect spritzed and layered on top of hair balm and scrunched in to give a little grit and hold, without feeling sticky. Especially for girls who don’t have a ton of texture to begin with. 

To polish air dried waves I love to wrap a few pieces around a 1 1/4” barrel to just create some more bend in places that need it and refine the curl a bit more. This is super helpful also if your hair is on the straighter side. Remember, the style is not to look super perfect, so it’s okay if you end up missing some pieces. You’re going for organic, lived in waves that nature could’ve created, just better.

Another way to keep things effortless and polished is to incorporate some hair accessories. Headbands, scarves and cute hair pins go so far! Pinning some pieces off your face with a cute hair pin adds a little something and is a good way to keep hair off your face in the heat.

Enjoy the summer, but protect your hair too. If you are looking for more hair advice ask me at your next appointment! See you soon.