As an esthetician, I'm obsessed with skincare products and love hearing what people use in their own routines. This week I'm going to share my nightly routine with you. Most nights I accomplish the whole routine, but once in a while I'm happy if I simply wash my face and throw on a moisturizer!

  1. The Makeup Eraser. This cleansing cloth is magical! All you have to do is wet it and wipe your makeup off. It takes everything off including mascara!
  2. Honey Tea Cleanser from Jessa. It's creamy, it smells good and it doesn't make my face feel dry and tight.
  3. Cucumber Toner from Jessa. I pump a few spritzes of this to begin hydrating my skin and to help the rest of my products penetrate. I mix up my toners quite a bit. I use an anti- oxidant hydrating mist from Dermalogica a lot too, which is super hydrating and has a flash firming effect.
  4. Hyaluronic serum from Jessa (we love this brand at Bow & Arrow!). This hero product increases your skin’s water content by 1000%. Love it!
  5. Overnight Retinol Repair from Dermalogica. I use the 1% formula of this retinol cream most nights to reverse fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and brighten the skin! On my off nights from retinol, I replace that step with the Seeds of Youth Serum by Ogee.
  6. Intensive moisture balance from Dermalogica. One of my faves! It's great for thirsty winter skin. ❤️

Everyone's skin is unique, and your skincare routine should be too. I'm here to help pinpoint specific areas of concern and make product recommendations to customize a regimen that will work for your skin. If you are interested in any of these products, we have them at  the salon for you to purchase. Come visit me for a skin analysis or any skincare treatment so I can help get you on the right at-home routine!